Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Few Un-named Daylilies

I have tons of daylilies planted around my yard.  They don't add much during most of the year, but when they are in bloom I love them.  Many of them are unidentified varieties.  This doesn't seem to bother them as much as it does me.  Here are a few pics of some of them.  This first red one looks better in the morning before the sun has faded the blooms.

This second one is an old-fashioned orange daylily that you see quite commonly.

This third one is a wine-colored flower that is one of my most prolific bloomers.  It too looks better before the sun fades it.

This unusual bloom is one of my favorites.  I don't know what type it is, but the blooms are quite striking.

Don't hesitate to plant some daylilies.  They are among the easiest of all perennials to grow, needing almost no care.  They will grow almost anywhere in almost any soil.  You don't have to buy expensive named varieties to have some good ones.  Plus, they multiply so well, that in three years you will have more than you want to pass around.

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