Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zinnias in the Heavens

The real reason I'm posting this picture is to show off the Heavenly Blue morning glory vine, not the zinnias. This vine is absolutely covering the fence, looking lush, and doing just what I want it to do. Many people would begin panicking at this point wondering why it's not blooming yet. Personally, I don't want my morning glories blooming till they get this huge, because when they DO start they put on a monster show. Besides, the vine is wonderful without blooms! This one should start blooming later this month and it will bloom far better than my ones that started blooming early. Now what makes one vine bloom early and another wait till it gets huge and lush? The main cause is the richness of the soil. This vine is planted in an area where I have put lots of cotton seed waste over the last two years enriching the soil with nitrogen. This causes lots of green growth before flowering. I know this is not what you want in many plants, but I think it really works for morning glories - IF you have the patience to wait for the blooms!


MissyM said...

Wow, that is a monster vine. Pretty zinnias too.

Rachel Greene said...

I love that vine! It's so massive and beautiful! :D