Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Lovely Roses

My Ducher rose is really starting to come into its own as the summer heat continues. Early on I could not detect any smell on these blooms, but as the plant has matured and gotten larger I can now smell a lemony scent. Also, the blooms are getting bigger. There's not a speck of disease on this plant and it has a nice rounded and full shape. I think this is a very under-utilized rose that would make a sensational landscape plant in the South. It stays smaller than Knockout and has great shape and form without disease. What more could you ask for?

Golden Celebration, on the other hand, would NOT make a good landscape rose down here. However, it does make these full, fragrant blooms that I love. Keep it well watered and sprayed to keep it healthy.

Archduke Charles is another rose that is a good candidate for landscaping. Here's a whole bush shot. Notice the lack of disease. The blooms come out light pink and get darker as they age. This darkening happens quicker when the weather is hotter. I've heard that this rose would make a nice hedge.

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