Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pearl Crescent or Silvery Checkerspot?

Walking around my yard this morning doing my daily round, I spotted this cute little Pearl Crescent (Silvery Checkerspot?) butterfly. (If this is an incorrect identification of this butterfly, please let me know in the comments.) After putting in quite an effort to make my yard butterfly friendly, it's very gratifying to walk around and see them everywhere.

After further research, I've determined that this is almost definitely a Silvery Checkerspot butterfly. - 9/17/09


Rachel Greene said...

how neat!

Nell jean said...

I'm no help when it comes to the not-so-common ones, but I do know whom to ask:

Randy of
Randy and Meg's Blog is an eastern butterfly expert. If you don't find your butterfly on his site, I expect he'll help you.

I get the American Ladies, the Variegated Fritillaries and the Pearl Crescents confused.

Davy Barr said...

Thanks for the link to Randy and Meg's blog. What a nice website!

Jean said...

I'm no expert either but that's the name I'd put on that butterfly.