Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Welcome Weed

This is the ubiquitous butterweed.  In Louisiana it blooms in late winter / early spring usually in swampy areas, ditches, and wet areas of yards.  They can be seen everywhere cheering on the coming of spring.  I don't know anyone who actually cultivates these weeds or plants them in a bed, but they still are welcome to grow in my yard anytime they please.  Some of the other common wildflowers seen in my area during spring are fleabane, dandelions, various clovers, henbit (which I hate!), thistles, sowthistle (another one I hate), and wild blackberries.  What are some spring wildflowers in your area?


NellJean said...

Besides the weeds you mention, Chickweed, Florida Betony and Artillery Plant abound in my yard right now. All hateful, thuggish weeds. I'm trying to pull every artillery plant I see while they're small before they start shooting seeds everywhere. Hot sunny days will cause chickweed and Florida betony to wither but I pull all I can so they don't set seed and make more.

Dandelions and red sorrel are showing up, too. On the other hand, tiny bluets are blooming. Any weed that has a blue blossom, I tend to leave.

I'm glad you made this post. I hate to give weeds space on my blog, lol.

NellJean said...

Oh. You're talking wildflowers, I'm talking weeds. Bluets have shown up. I'm waiting for more wildflowers. Sorry for the diatribe about weeds.

Davy Barr said...

I don't mind diatribes, they add spice to the sight. :)