Monday, February 22, 2010

Spreading Some Love to the Lowly Dianthus

Dianthus are such faithful and reliable plants.  Where I live, you plant them in October or November and just watch them grow.  They take little care, smile at the cold weather, and keep blooming till the middle of summer.  Sometimes they even last longer and will stick around for another year.  They come in all shades of red, white, and pink and many have a nice clove-like fragrance.  I forgot the name of this particular one I have planted in a pot by the kitchen window, but I love it's scarlet coloration.  Go ahead and plant you some of them.  They get about a foot tall and form a clump about a foot in diameter.  They make a perfect pot plant as well as a nice plant in the ground.  I find them easy to grow from seed as well as being fairly easy to find at nurseries in small pots.  They look really nice at the front of a bed with taller flowers, such as larkspur, in the background.  They are perfect fits in a cottage garden too.

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