Saturday, February 27, 2010

She's A Daisy

This is the common English Daisy ( with the Latin name of Bellis Perennis.)  It likes cooler weather and moist conditions.  They are considered a weed by many, but I love them.  This one is a volunteer that I found growing in my yard.  After they open up more, they have the common yellow eye and turn a more white color, but I especially like this stage of their bloom before they open all the way.  This bright pink color is lovely out in the yard.  A cottage garden must have a few "weeds" doesn't it?  Well, this weed fits the bill perfectly.  This plant seldom gets more than 6 inches high, so it definitely is a front of the border type of flower.  I think it would also look nice in a pot with maybe some taller bulbs.

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