Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kramer's Supreme Camellia

The camellias are starting to bloom well around here and I'm loving it.  This is a Kramer's Supreme camellia japonica.  It's a very common variety that really thrives in the South and is a welcome delight at this time of year.  The plant is evergreen with shiny leaves that resemble those of a magnolia.  It's not a fast grower, so be patient.  However, it is a very long-lived shrub that will give you a lifetime of joy.  Most camellias don't have a fragrance and this one is no exception, but that doesn't detract from its beauty.  If you want camellias that bloom in late fall/early winter, then you need to plant camellia sasanquas instead of camellia japonicas. Give any of them acidic, moist soil in a partial shade location and they will thrive.     

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