Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Offshore Blogging

Well, I'm back out in the Gulf of Mexico at work. I took a ton of pictures before leaving home this time, so I should have enough digital photos to keep blogging often for the next two weeks anyway. My flowers are looking surprisingly good for this time of year, although we need another rain now.

I'm focusing today on my red Bennary's Giant zinnias. They are so deep and velvety red that it's unbelievable. I just love this color. The other thing I really like about these flowers is how long they last as a cut flower. Plus, they have really long stems, so they are perfect for vases. This plant can be forgiven for getting a little tall and floppy at times. Bennary's Giant is not as good a landscape plant as the Profusion series, but it's wonderful for the cut garden. If you stake them or put them behind something supportive, then look nice in the landscape, take drought well, attract tons of butterflies, and bloom their heads off.

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