Sunday, August 30, 2009

Luna Swirl Hardy Hibiscus

The hardy hibiscus is a lovely and carefree plant. It can be grown neary everywhere in the United States. It dies to the ground in winter, but comes back every year and makes these HUGE blooms that are the size of a dinner plate. There are many colors. They thrive in a wet spot. Give them full sun and plenty of water and they will love you.


MissyM said...

This year I saved seeds from my hibiscus. I went ahead and planted 3 to see if they were viable. 2 sprouted and are growing. Mine is the same color as yours.

Teresa said...

I bought some this year but I am not sure if they are hardy here in NY state. I have a bush type plant that I know is not hardy, but these two are plants with big pink flowers like yours. They look very similar. I am hoping they come back. I might bring one in and leave one out to see if it returns and if not I will have one to replant in the spring (if it makes it through the winter inside)