Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snapshots from March 24, '09

Above is my best Red Ruffles azalea bush. This must be the peak for it this year. It's so covered in bloom that you can hardly see the leaves. I have several of these bushes, but most are in full shade and so don't bloom as prolifically as this one that gets partial sun. I've heard that these can bloom more than once in the year, but mine bloom one good time and may put on some spotty blooms at other times of the year. I wouldn't call this a true re-bloomer. It sure puts on a show in March though. Gets about 3' high.

Next up is a bloom from my Abraham Darby rose bush. This time of year the blooms are a deeper shade of peach/apricot/pink than they are later in the year. The blooms on this rose are everything you can dream of in a rose: huge, full, and amazingly fragrant. In the late summer I always contemplate chopping this bush down because it gets blackspot badly and the leaves look ratty. However, when it comes into full bloom again, I forget all about that! The bush gets huge here in Louisiana and mine is growing on a chain link fence where I'm trying to make it into a climber. If you plant this rose plan on it getting blackspot, but it's worth the hassle because of the glorious blooms. Maybe later I'll post pics of the whole bush in full bloom.

Another shot of my Red Ruffle with some calla lilies. This one is just to give some context for the other photo.

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