Monday, March 30, 2009

Callas, petunias, and roses

Here's a picture of my lush calla lily. These things do great here. This one is growing between my azaleas on the north side of my house with virtually full shade.

Here's my Belinda's Dream bloom coming out more. Notice the whole plant shot!

These are my Easy Wave Mystic Pink petunias in a hanging pot. They look nice today.


Anonymous said...

Davy, I LOVE the calla lily!! It looks beautiful, and I like that it can take the acidic soil around the azaleas. When do you have to plant the bulbs? Also, I found out what the evergreen shrub is that I like--it's some breed of Laurel...doesn't have long pointy leaves, they are more round than the more popular laurel, but I really like it. Erin built me two cedar planter boxes for a patio vegetable garden--and I bought a Topsy-Turvey Tomato(cucumber and bell peppers work well in too) hanging planter. We had HOPEFULLY our last freeze this past week, so I'm hoping to plant this weekend.
The pictures are fun and beautiful! Keep them coming!

Davy Barr said...

Calla lily bulbs should be planted in the spring in your area. I don't think they can take much cold. You may have to dig them up and bring them in once winter comes. Hey, keep checking out the site and making comments. You might want to start a blog where I can check out your pics too. I'm resisting the urge to plant many vegetables since my grandfather, dad, and uncle living next door all plant large ones and give me many veggies.

NellJean said...

My experience with Callas is that they die back when the summer gets really hot and come out again to rebloom in fall.

You asked elsewhere about true lilies. My favorites are LA (Longiflorum asiatic hybrids) and Orienpet lilies (hybrids of Orientals and Trumpet lilies). I plant asiatics and Trumpets as well, but they are farther down my list of favs.

Orientals 'play out' because they exhaust the nutrients in the soil. Fed well, they'll keep on.

Davy Barr said...

Thanks for the info, Mrs. Nell. I may look into planting more lilies. I love them, but have had limited success. Maybe one of my problems is that I need to be sure they are in well drained soil too, which wasn't totally the case last time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Davy! I sure have enjoyed the blog and I'm learning alot!