Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25 roses

This is a Julia Child floribunda rose. Note that it has some blackspot. It fades to a lighter color after it's exposed to the sun for a while. Has a nice but light fragrance. Supposedly does not get very tall.
My first Double Delight bloom of the year. Extremely sweet and strong fragrance. This is the favorite rose of many. Down here it has much more red in the blooms when it's hotter. This one definitely needs to be sprayed or it will be a blackspot mess. The only reason I have it is because I found it on Fortuniana rootstock which makes for a far more vigorous plant. This plant has grown far more than normal for a one year plant, so the Fortuniana reputation must be true.

My little china rose, Archduke Charles. The flowers start out light pink, then get darker and darker till they are crimson. Light fragrance on a very healthy bush. I highly recommend this one for the hot, humid Southeast. You Yanks from up north should avoid it because it supposedly can't take the cold. This little bush is already a blooming fool for me, despite it's small size. It should get quite a bit bigger than this.


Anonymous said...

I'm so rose-greedy! I want some more roses. You really need to come see my dublin bay in my back yard. I planted her in March '08 and she's already exploded! It's grown immensely. By the time you come in it should be covered in brilliant red roses. I will try and post pictures up on facebook as they start to bloom.

Davy Barr said...

Your Dublin Bay has a year more growth than mine. I'm hoping mine gets as good as yours. I'm worried that neither of ours will be very disease resistant in the long run and we'll have to spray them a lot. I can't seem to find a decent climbing red rose that has a good reputation for doing well no-spray. By the way, send me a picture of your plant and I can publish it on this blog.