Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Tidal Wave of Silver

This perfect bloom comes from my Tidal Wave Silver plant.  It looks so good that I wish I had planted more of them.  The blooms are lavender with a deep purple throat and the color really sticks out against the deep green of the foliage.

Not only that, but there are lots of these blooms covering the plant.  This plant was on a trial run for me this year, hence there being only one of them in the ground.  Next year there will be more of them! 

Down here, petunias should be planted in October or November and allowed to over-winter in the ground.  This particular cultivar is known to get larger and more "filling" than other types.  It should be a wonderful addition to a Southern cool season cottage garden.  If the bed this one is in looks over-run, it's because of all the clover and nigella growing in it.  I don't want to pull up the clover for fear of uprooting my beautiful, self-seeding nigellas ("love-in-a-mist.")  This will be one of my summer butterfly beds after the petunias and nigellas play out.  It will be filled with zinnias, salvias, and tithonias starting in May.

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