Friday, March 4, 2011

Kramer's Supreme

After long absence, I'm back with fresh blooms from around the yard.  The first entry of the year is this beautiful camellia, Kramer's Supreme.

At this time of year, the camellias are at peak beauty.  I love their shiny, evergreen leaves and glorious blooms.  They are slow growers and take some years to reach large shrub status.  This Kramer's Supreme has been planted in my yard for three years and is still quite small, but it surely packs a dynamite punch for its size. 

The blooms are a deep, rich red that really stands out at this time of year before we have much color.  They are quite full in form and resemble roses before opening fully.

As the blooms open more, you can see the bright yellow stamens some.  At times I can even smell a slight, sweet fragrance on this camellia. 

If you want camellias, plant them in a part shade location with rich, acid soil.  I commonly use leaves as mulch around mine and this adds the nutrients they desire.  Pine needles are an ideal mulch for them as well.  They don't take cold very well, so I wouldn't risk them in areas colder than zone 7b unless you really have a sheltered spot.  If you are in their area, there's absolutely no excuse for you not having at least one of these lovely shrubs.  What else looks so luscious at this time of year?


Randy Emmitt said...

This a really good one here! We have Crimson Candles in bloom right now, the others are week away.

Sunny Day said...

I have tried growing them from small seedlings, seeds, etc. and just haven't had any luck. I am just about ready to give up.