Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Get a Little Sun

Arizona Sun, that is.

This is my Arizona Sun gaillardia, a mounding and spreading perennial that  faithfully has returned in my landscape for several years.  This plant famously takes heat and drought and will bloom from spring till frost.  Mine starts blooming in March and quits in December.  Could you ask more of a plant?

The blooms are an almost garish color and need to be deadheaded to keep up best production.  The sizzling color fits my mood best in the summer. 

The plant is low and mounding.  It can be divided every three years or so if you want more of them.  I actually planted these from seeds, but they didn't flower the first year.  It's easier to just buy some plants - if you can find them.  This plant is not a common sight at your local garden centers.  In the Southeast, I recommend you plant them in a hot, dry spot where you don't want to water or irrigate. 


Mary said...

I love gailardia. I have some flowers buds growing now, but no flowers yet.

Becca's Dirt said...

Pretty blooms. And you are right - you can't ask anymore of a plant than that.