Monday, October 4, 2010

Heavenly Blues

I don't have as many of these Heavenly Blue morning glories as normal this year.  I've gradually replaced them with other vines over time.  However, a few always seem to find their way into my dirt every spring because they are so easy and beautiful.  The sky blue color is delightful.

For me, this type of morning glory usually takes longer than others to bloom.  They usually don't start till September or even later.  The good thing about this variety is that it is sterile and will not send up seedlings all over the following year.  Most MG's are terrible about re-seeding everywhere.

These will grow anywhere in the continental US.  Just plant them in a sunny spot once the ground warms up in spring.  Keep them watered till they get established.  Be sure to provide something for them to climb on and wait for the show. 


Sunny Day said...

You indicate the flowers are sterile, does that mean they are perennials and annuals? For some reason I thought all morning glories were annuals.

Davy Barr said...

By sterile, I mean that the plant does not produce seeds. As far as I know, all morning glories are annuals.