Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Few Fall Roses

My blog would not be a reflection of me if I didn't include some pictures of my roses fairly often.  It's been a while, so it's time to show off some of the recent blooms. 

This is a Ducher bloom.  The blooms are just starting to get better with the cooler fall weather.  They're not crisping as much and are getting larger.  The best is yet to come from this plant over the last part of the season.  Still not a stitch of blackspot on this shrub.  I love the slightly fragrant lemony-white blooms. 

Here's the typical quartered bloom form of Abraham Darby.  In the morning, the fragrance of this rose is nearly overpowering and fruity.  The color is more orangey-apricot in the fall of the year.

Here is a nice bloom on Archduke Charles.  This is when the bloom first comes out and it has lighter pink highlights.

This is the same bloom a couple of days later when it takes on a crimson-wine color.  I've always said that the fragrance of this rose is "peppery."

Here are a couple of Buff Beauty blooms.  I really love the flowers on this rose.  I'm hoping this plant gets huge and florific as it matures.  I've only had it in the ground for a year now, so it should really take off next year.

This is a deep red bud on Dublin Bay.  My camera does not do justice to the colors on this rose.  The blooms last for quite a few days on the plant before falling off.  This has to be one of the longest lasting blooms of any rose.

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Abraham said...

Ohh you are lucky to have Abraham Darby this time of the year.