Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moonbeam Coreopsis

"Moonbeam" is perhaps the most popular member of the threadleaf coreopsis family.  It's a light, pastel yellow flower about 1" - 2" across.  The flowers are prolific from April through the summer in Louisiana.  The leaves are fern-like and the plant habit is short and mounding.  It's a perfect border plant for a hot, dry area of your yard - maybe that area where your hose won't reach.  It does best on neglect and poor soil.  Not only this, but the plant will come back year after year and will slowly spread.  It should be divided every three years or so.  It's a favorite nectar source for butterflies and bees.  This is my first year to try one and I'm sold on their value.  There are other varieties, one of which is the deeper yellow "Zagreb,"  which are worthy of a try too.  The color of "Moonbeam" mixes well with other perennials and makes a wonderful companion plant.  I have mine planted in the "dry" butterfly garden surrounding a chaste vitex tree.  It's in with gaillardias, crocosmias, Ragin' Cajun ruellias, and cosmos.

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Anonymous said...

Mine is planted in the middle of 3 Black Pearl ornamental pepper plants. The contrasting colors of deep purple and soft yellow look hot!