Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day With Dublin Bay

Dublin Bay is my only pure red rose.  I have Double Knockout, but it's more of a crimson or maroon than a pure red.  Dublin Bay is a stiff-limbed climber that doesn't really climb that well.  I have mine espaliered on the chain link fence where it can sprawl more than climb.

It blooms in clusters of the deepest red blooms.  The blooms are semi-open and double. 

The blooms last for days on the vine and are equally long-lasting in a vase, though the stems aren't long enough to be ideal for cutting.  One slight knock on this otherwise wonderful rose is a total lack of any fragrance. 

This is how my bush looks right now in the depths of summer.  It's not really a pretty plant at this time of year.  Blackspot defoliates it around 40%, but not nearly as much as it does some of my other roses, such as the David Austin's and the hybrid teas.  I'm willing to put up with this to have such nice blooms.

The above picture is Dublin Bay at peak bloom in mid-April.  That's a whole bush shot showing just how florific this plant can be.

This is another picture at peak bloom in April.  Shows how nice the blooms are. 

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Cheshire Nat said...

Thanks, I was nearly sold on this rose, now it's a must have. They really are gorgeous blooms, pictures are often deceiving but not with this one.