Thursday, August 5, 2010

"In the Day of Prosperity Be Joyful"

The title of this blog entry is a direct quote from the Bible.  It comes from Ecclesiastes 7:14.  I thought it was quite appropriate for today's pictures.  This is the rose Prosperity, which is a hybrid hybrid musk rose.

This rose blooms in clusters and has a unique fragrance that is wonderful.  It is a gracefully lax shrub that can be grown as a small climber if trained well.  I'm trying to train mine to grow on the chainlink fence. 

It blooms in continual flushes from spring till winter.  I've seen very little disease on this one and am told that it's pretty care-free.  I love the creamy white color.  I first saw this rose at the gardens of the American Rose Society in Shreveport and immediately knew I had to get it.  The fragrance wafted to us long before we saw the rose while walking in the gardens. 

The yellow leaf in this last photograph comes from the brugmansia that is growing next to this rose.  This rose is supposed to take some shade well, as do all the hybrid musk roses.  They are a wonderful family of roses that should be further explored by gardeners.  Some others in the hybrid musk family include Buff Beauty, Lavender Lassie, and Felicia. 

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