Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Cant" Get Enough of This Rose

Pink with a silvery sheen is how I would describe the color of the blooms on my Mrs. B. R. Cant rose.  The form of the blooms is flat and full, and the fragrance is pure tea and not strong to my nose.  The blooms are usually about 3" in diameter - not large, but not tiny like many roses can be in the heat of summer.  They are a little smaller at this time of year than in the spring, but not too much. 

By and large, the leaves are perfect green with almost no disease spots.  There is some yellow coloration to some of the leaves, but it's hardly noticeable.  The plant form is pretty full and getting more so as it gets older.  I get the impression this is a rose bush that fills out with age.  I'm looking forward to a huge 8' x 8' monster of a plant. 

Here is a shot of the whole bush.  Not bad at this worst time of year for the plants.  Very little yellowing and lots of blooms.  If this is how all tea roses perform in my climate, then I need to get more of them.  Does anybody out there have more tea rose recommendations for me?

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