Friday, March 12, 2010

Party With Petunias

This is the time of year that petunias shine in Louisiana.  From now till May, they look great in the yard and especially in pots.  These are the bright red ones growing in a window box at my house.  Many thanks to my sweet wife, Jo, for e-mailing this picture to me at work.  Nocice the wonderful 70 degrees showing on the thermometer too.  I don't know what variety this is.  They were purchased at Lowe's last fall.  Down here, you put them in pots in the fall, then just baby them along until the warm weather of spring hits.  Once warm weather starts, petunias explode into bloom and growth, usually putting on a blissful show.  The various Wave petunias actually perform longer into the hot season than the other varieties, so plant them if you want the best performance.  However, Wave's don't come in all the colors and all petunias will give adequate performance for a while.  To keep petunias looking their best, keep them trimmed back before they get leggy.  Jo loves this bright red color, so these were planted for her. 

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