Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Many Faces of Archduke Charles

Archduke Charles is a wonderfully healthy China rose. His signature trait is the varying shades of light pink to maroon that the flowers change to. These pictures show a little of the variety that can be seen on the same plant. Above is a bloom that has just opened fully. It's a fairly light pink. Below is an older bloom that has matured to a darker shade. I love the variety. This is yet another rose that thrives in Louisiana weather and conditions. Definitely a "fool-proof"rose for the Southeast. Archduke Charles hasn't bloomed continually for me this year, but it has put out new flushes of bloom monthly.


Jim-The Gaudy Garden said...

This looks like a young plant. I have one, a 4 yo, that is 7'x4'.

Davy Barr said...

I just planted it last October.