Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Angel Trumpet

Here are a couple of pics of some Angel Trumpet (brugmansia) flowers on my plant. This is an easy plant to grow but it takes a little extra care to make it thrive. I've found that mine wants LOTS of water and fertilize in order to bloom and look its best. Brugs are quite easy to get cuttings from - all you have to do is cut a branch off and put it in water and it will shortly begin putting out roots. So they make a great pass-a-long shrub. Many varieties also put out wonderful fragrance, though my particular plant only has a slight smell, much to my chagrin. They die down to the ground when a freeze hits, but usually come back in zones 8 and higher.

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Phillip said...

I have successfully overwintered one for 3 years now and it is even on the north side of the house. I kept seeing them make it in other gardens around town and nervously decided to risk it. So far, so good. I've probably cursed it now!