Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Colors of Sunset

Westerland is such a wonderful rose. I love its bright orange colors and especially its wonderful fragrance. It doesn't have a very full flower, but they look good anyway. It's a stiff climber that I'm hoping will look good growing on my chainlink fence. It's quite hard to train on this fence since it really wants to grow up, not out. A good rose that has shown no disease for me this year even with no spraying.

This is a neat picture I got the other day of an Abraham Darby bloom against the evening sky. Despite having only about 30% of its leaves, this rose is putting out full, luscious blooms. David Austin roses in Louisiana really need a full spraying regimen to look their best or they'll be blackspot magnets.


Becca's Dirt said...

That Abraham Darby is by far my favorite. It is so big and the petals are so delicate. I will have to find one come spring.

Davy Barr said...

Abe Darby is a beauty, just be aware of a tendency to blackspot. Becca, I removed your repeat posts for you.

Mary Delle said...

Lovely roses. The first does indeed look like a sunset.