Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Encore of Encore

Several days ago I posted a picture of one bloom on my Autumn Twist Encore azalea. Here is a picture showing all the variations on the plant. See that some of the blooms are solid magenta while others have the stripes? This is such an unusual trait in a flower. I have this azalea planted in more sun than most azaleas since this is the recommendation for Encores to get the maximum blooms from them all year.


Dirt Princess said...

Nice! I don't have any encores...well actually I only have one azalea! My mom has them and loves them

Corrina said...

Hi Davy!

Thanks for the beautiful photo of your Encore Azalea. Twist is one of my favorites, too; I think the occasional purple blooms add more excitement.

If you'd like, please join our facebook page --http://tinyurl.com/EAzalea. We'd love to have you post your Encore Azalea photos there as well.

Best regards,