Sunday, October 11, 2009

Confederate Rose

The Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) is a true Southern favorite. This plant is so easy anyone can grow it. Around this time of the year, they start blooming and what a show they put on. The plant gets huge and voluminous and filled with these lovely flowers. These flowers start off a very light pink in the morning and gradually get a dark rose color by evening. The plant completely dies down after a freeze, but will get huge again the next year. Even when not in bloom, the plant is very handsome in the landscape. My particular plant makes these large single blooms. You can also get the double-bloomed type. They require pretty much no care at all. Put them in a well-drained place, water till they get rooted well, and leave alone. Another great thing about them is that they root very easily so it makes for a wonderful pass-along plant.


Jan said...

Davy, I wrote about my Confederate Rose just about the same time you did. Great thinkers think alike, right? Mine is a double - I love frilly flowers. You are right these are great plants.

Always Growing

Dirt Princess said...

I am starting a seed swap! If you are interested please just leave a comment on my latest post! It should be fun! The more the merrier!