Monday, June 13, 2011

Wine and... Daylilies?

These are some daylilies given to me by a friend for which I have no ID.  I just call them my wine-colored daylilies.  They have a deep, velvety, red-wine color that is hard to describe.

They bloom a little later than some of my other daylilies.  However, they are all the more beautiful when they do come out.

 Dark-flowered daylilies are best planted where they only get morning sunlight.  Otherwise, the bright sunlight will bleach out their striking color.  I have these in an almost perfect spot.  Another thing about dark flowers is that they will get waterspots easily.

These dark colors are so fun because many people who aren't into them don't even think they're daylilies.  They look so different from the ubiquitous yellows and oranges seen everywhere.  Give some of the "darks" a try in your garden.  They will reward you with striking color and fun comments.


sherryocala said...

Mmmmm, that's a beauty. Maybe someone will recognize it and tell you what it is. I hope so anyway.

Bangalore Flowers said...

All the flowers look so pretty. Thanks for this post.

Kelly D said...

This one looks like Ed Murray---if it has a slight fragrance, or could be Bella Lugosi. But I have this one and it looks like my Ed Murray.