Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daylilies - The Best of the Rest


I'm putting in this post the rest of my daylilies that have bloomed thus far.  Above is one I just planted this year and it made only one bloom.  I expect much more from it next year once it has grown more.  It's called Little Deek and is a deep, golden yellow variety.  I didn't have any yellows and wanted to get Buttered Popcorn.  However, the place where I went to get it didn't have Buttered Popcorn and suggested this variety as a reasonable alternative.  We'll see.

This is another unknown daylily that I have.  I used to think it was Strawberry Candy, but when I compared it to the real thing it was obvious that it's another variety.  It's a darker shade than my Strawberry Candy.  Still, this is one of my best performing daylilies and it always puts on a great show.

This last is a pink daylily that I don't know the name of either.  The pink fades quickly in the sun and is hard to capture well with my cheap camera.  This is a nice daylily, but isn't as vigorous as some of my others.  I may move it to a more favorable location this fall.


Kelly D said...

Your unknown daylily looks like Always Afternoon---it is the photo that has a hydrangea on the left side

Kelly D said...

Also I have one called Final touch that looks like the bottom photo---actually died and was not very strong plant.

Beccabell said...

It's a daring deception reblooming lily. I have some and love them.