Monday, April 18, 2011

More Fun in the Sun

My Arizona Sun gaillardia is looking so good these days that I thought I'd just post some more pictures of it.  I actually have two of these clumps, but this is the biggest one.  It is covered with happy-looking blooms that the bees visit frequently.  This one is spreading so well that I should be able to divide it this fall into at least 4 smaller plants.

This plant is especially wonderful because it has about the longest bloom season of any plant I grow.  Last year, this one bloomed from April all the way till frost.  This year it started even earlier with the first blooms coming in March.  I pretty faithfully deadhead mine, which is one of the keys to keeping it blooming.  I have these placed in an unirrigated bed where they survive only on the rain that comes naturally.  Such a care-free plant deserves more mention than it gets.


Liquid Roof said...

These flowers are looking so cute, i can say that they make my mind so fresh early in morning when i saw them on your blog.

Mary said...

Love that plant! I wanted to find the Arizona Sun variety, but all the nurserys around me were sold out. I had to settle for the solid red variety, which is still nice. Mine are blooming nicely!