Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow On My Plants

It's not often that I get to post pictures of my plants covered in snow, so bear with me! This first is a picture of my "rock" garden. It's a square on the side of my house that was once only limestone and now has become basically a jungle. I don't think all the tropicals in the area will appreciate the snow cover.

This is a neat picture of my crape myrtle tree with snow falling.

These are some of my daylilies covered in snow. I don't think they mind all that much. They'll come back stronger than ever next year.


Ginger said...

I went out at night and took pictures of the snow falling, too!

Nell Jean said...

The snow went to the North of us. We just got regular old rain. Then by Wednesday it was in the 70s and now we're cold again but it will warm again, which is the way we celebrate winter.

Belinda's Dream has managed to keep some buds for me, which I picked when I thought it was going to freeze last night, which it didn't.