Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have Some Strawberry Candy

The name of this daylily is almost as delightful as the flower - Stawberry Candy.  The flowers are lush, plenteous, and easy on the eyes (pun intended.)

This is a semi-evergreen daylily that grows vigorously, spreads quickly, and sometimes reblooms.  Mine haven't consistently rebloomed, but they do bloom for quite a long time in May and June.  In my mild winter climate the plant usually stays green all winter.

The blooms are a lighter pink in full Louisiana sun with a rose eye and a golden-green throat.  The outer edges of the petals are frilly.  The flower form is nearly always perfect on this daylily unless the slugs get hold of them early.    This cultivar has won many daylily awards and is consistently one of the most popular varieties.  It is not as ubiquitous as Stella D'Oro or Happy Returns, despite this popularity.  I cannot imagine a May in my yard without daylilies blooming.  They will bloom like crazy with utterly no care at all.  Plant you some!


NellJean said...

Your Strawberry Candy is lovely -- tasty too I bet. In good taste, anyway. Every year I intend to buy some Candies -- my first choice will be Huckleberry Candy.

sherryocala said...

What a pretty thing she is, Davy. I love daylilies and am adding a bunch now to the garden. Sometimes they even steal the show from my roses which is fine with me. They never seem to mind the heat and humidity either.