Sunday, July 22, 2012


 So what's been occupying me this year so much that I've greatly neglected this garden blog?  Well, it's mostly been chickens.  I spent quite a bit of time early this spring building my backyard chicken coop in preparation for a small flock of chickens.  I figured that with our family 10 chickens would be about right.  I ordered 12 so we could stand losing some of them.  We actually got 22 because the hatchery added 10 extra roosters for warmth in shipping.  (By the way, hatcheries refer to these extra roosters as "packing peanuts.")  Each of my kids got to pick one variety of chicken, plus I picked some others.  We wound up with Buckeyes, Austrolorps, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Buff Cochins, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and the extra roosters are all Blue Cochins.

This is the coop as it was being built.

The coop took me much longer to build and cost a lot more than I anticipated.  I tried to build it nearly bulletproof so my chicks would be totally safe from predators.  

The finished coop with my oldest daughter playing with the chickens.

As it turns out, the Blue Cochin roosters that were thrown in with our order have become favorites with our kids because of their tame and cuddly nature.  Cochins are known to be some of the most docile of all chickens.  We plan to keep at least one of these beautiful roosters.  

Chickens lined up in the loft of the coop.

One of the Blue Cochin roosters

A Buff Orpington hen

Buckeye and Barred Plymouth Rock 

My kids have named every one of these chickens and have handled them to the point that all are pretty tame.  They are loads of fun to sit down and watch.  Bring them treats and they will swarm you.  We can't wait for first eggs which should start around September.  Now I'm also wanting ducks and geese....


Zookeeper said...

Those are some good looking chickens... I can't wait until I get some.

umesh said...

Great post and nice photo' the Buckeye.Those are good looking chickens and i want to taste it.Thanks for posting it.

FM said...

FM said...